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Nirvana Melaka Memorial Park


Nirvana melaka memorial park


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Nirvana Melaka

Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) – A Gem Lah in Malaysia’s Historic State!

Hey folks,

Guess what? Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is the first-ever entry of Nirvana Asia Group in our historic state of Malaysia, and let me tell you, it’s like, super happening! Located near Machap Baru in Melaka’s Alor Gajah district, which is like, the largest Chinese settlement in the state, this new concept memorial park is all about fantastic scenery and surrounded by lush hills with those sentimental water features, you know, super important for Feng Shui vibes – like, wishing us all good stuff like vitality, prosperity, and status for our generations, man!

The landscaping here is like, totally out of this world, meticulously designed and systematically planned. The water features are not just artificial – they’re downright delightful and mesmerizing, giving the whole place those good vibes. And you won’t believe it – Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) blends both the old school and the cool modern elements, making it a visual spectacle without compromising our comfort and chill. Plus, there’s this natural landscape that’s like, extra beautiful, surrounded by parks and gardens that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, let’s talk about the main star of the show – Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka)’s Temple of the Three Saints. It’s like, the boss of the park, flaunting that modern style complex. No traditional vibes here, man. Nirvana Asia is all about embracing new stuff and tech, giving culture and traditions a modern twist. Super cool, right?

And oh boy, Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) has got it all – bursting with color and life! They’ve got options for burial plots and columbaria that cater to everyone, no matter what denomination you’re repping. This memorial park is like, a tribute to the circle of life, the perfect spot for an eternal resting place that celebrates life in all its glory and keeps those cherished memories alive.

So, if you’re thinking about a final resting place that’s not just any place lah, Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is where it’s at, bro! Super on point, super chill, and totally celebrating life lah!







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White ladies, buddhism ceremony, taoist ceremony, chirstian ceremony, funeral ceremony service consultant, etc

白衣天使, 佛教仪式, 道教仪式, 基督教仪式, 治丧服务团队​, etc

Burial Plot

Royal family burial plot, super family burial plot, family burial plot, double and single burial plot, christian memorial garden 

家族陵园, 家族陵园, 家族墓园, 家族福地, 標準福地, 基督徒墓園


Luxury columbarium, modern columbarium, christian columbarium, ancient chinese architecture columbarium

豪華式骨灰殿, 现代化骨灰殿, 基督徒藝術骨灰殿, 古鄉式骨灰殿​


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We provide professional one-stop funeral services. Include Buddism, Taoism, Christian, Catholic

我们提供专业一站式殡仪服务。包括佛教, 道教, 基督教, 天主教殡仪服务

Up to 25% Discount Christian Burial Land

高达 25% 折扣 双位基督教 风水福地

Valid Till 28-03-2023

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零利息分期付款 & 永久信托管理基金

Branches 分行

Klang Valley & Melaka

Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur
Nirvana Memorial Park Klang
Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih
Nirvana Memorial Park Shah Alam
Wisma Nirvana Memorial Center Sungai Besi
Nirvana Memorial Park Melaka





By planning the funeral in advance, everything can be done properly when things happen. This will alleviate the sadness and pressure that the family experienced at that time. Your family don’t have to worry about any critical decisions they have to deal with.


We all know the importance of being prepared for the rain.
  • In order to fight the sudden onset of the disease, we are ready for medical insurance.
  • In order to have enough pension in the future, we are ready to the saving plan.
  • In order to avoid any disputes in the future, we made a will.
  • It allows you to decide on your desired service, based on your own preferred rites and rituals.
What about the last party of our life? 我们都知道未雨绸缪的重要。
  • 为了对抗疾病突然来袭,我们准备好了医药保险。
  • 为了以后有足够的退休金,我们准备好储蓄计划。
  • 为了避免以后有任何纷争,我们做好了遗嘱。
  • Special price for pre-planning
  • 0% interest installment payment
  • Reduce disputes with relatives (including religious rituals, spiritual choices, funding, etc.)
  • Leave love to next generation, but not debts
  • Reduce the burden on children
  • Prevent future inflation
  • You can choose your favorite ritual or service according to your wishes
  • 事前规划有特惠价
  • 0%利息分期付款
  • 减少与亲人纷争(包括宗教仪式,灵位选择,经费等等)
  • 留给下一代是爱,而不是债
  • 减少孩子的负担
  • 抗通货膨胀
  • 可以根据自己的意愿,选择自己喜欢的仪式或服务

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